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Sheridan Saline

Sheridan Saline

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About Us

Creating Books. Making History.

While the technology used to create books has changed significantly, McNaughton & Gunn’s Michigan-based headquarters has been producing book titles continuously since 1975.

Today, our President, Julie McFarland, continues the legacy of customer care and printing expertise started by her father, Bob McNaughton, and his four founding partners.

Many of our original customers print with us to this day because we’ve stayed true to our core value of delivering quality books that meet their individual needs. We specialize in serving large publishing companies, indie publishers, and self-publishers.

With an average tenure of twenty years in our company, our team members possess the deep experience to provide the superior products and service that our customers expect. M&G team members produce more than 6,000 book titles annually—each one receiving our undivided effort—because we know that the books we create today will make history tomorrow.