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SACC Offers Grant Monies to Area Businesses

SACC Offers Grant Monies to Area Businesses




The Saline Area Chamber of Commerce is announcing its “Emergency Relief Grant Fund” as part of its “Stage 2” strategy to help local area businesses recover in the post Coronavirus era.  According to Chamber spokesperson Larry Osterling, “Through all of this crisis, I feel our Chamber has tried to do some really meaningful support work for our business community.  In “Stage 1” we stressed working to support and implement volunteer services, coordinate information, provide business counseling, and work with area banks, local government, and elected officials.  We also assisted our highly-stressed food providers with a program that was kicked off at the onset of this economic crisis in March, and that program is still bringing in funds to date.  Now at “Stage 2”, with more and more area businesses re-opening, we’re ready to start providing accessibility to grant funding.  Our overall goal is to be an area economic leader when it comes to recovery and not to lose a single business!” 


According to Osterling, “The Chamber’s grant fund has already been seeded about $2,000 from various sources, so in return, eight businesses could each receive a $250 grant intended to complement existing programs to which business owners may have already had access.  Businesses that are applying will need to fill out a 5 question form at the Chamber or online, whatever makes it easiest for applicants. Once the forms are reviewed the Chamber will probably be able to write the checks the same day and without a lengthy application process.  Though $250 may not seem like a lot, if it could make a difference in paying the rent, making a utility bill, or simply needing something extra to stay open then it’s definitely within our mission!  We’ve already received several requests and we also have a Saline-based worldwide service provider stepping forward for our community”.

Along with the Emergency Relief Grant Fund, the Chamber’s “Stage 2” strategy for helping area business members also includes joining with a local manufacturing business with a worldwide reputation for engineering excellence. They will provide assistance with planning, design, production, and implementation of virus barriers for local area businesses who need to make adjustments to become structurally compliant under new guidelines.  The virus barrier fabrication will be offered “on a cost only basis” as their community contribution to help the greater Saline area business community recover as soon as possible. 


The following is the contact information for all details related to the Chamber’s “Stage 2” business recovery strategy:


*Donations to the Business Emergency Relief Fund &   Business Owner Grant Requests:

         Saline Area Chamber of Commerce

         “Business Emergency Relief Fund”

         141 East Michigan Ave., Suite B

         Saline, MI 48176

          Available at Chamber Office or online


               email –

               ph. – (734) 429-4494  

 Planning and Structural Assistance:

    Jake Davis

               1465 Woodland Drive

               Saline, MI 48176

               Tel: (734) 944-6398

               Cell: (734) 272-8823

               Fax: (734) 429-5357



Chamber Contact Information:


    Tel: (734) 429-4494 x202


 Interview link and Reference:



*All who donate to the “Stage 2” strategy will be given special recognition throughout the Chamber’s   

 extensive media and promotional resources.


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