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Businesses Are Striving to Keep the Public Safe During this Pandemic

Businesses Are Striving to Keep the Public Safe During this Pandemic

Businesses Are Striving to Keep the Public Safe During this Pandemic

Businesses Are Striving to Keep the Public Safe During this Pandemic:  Let’s Do Our Best to Return the Consideration

Area businesses are doing their best to keep the public safe during these trying times. Some of the observable efforts to keep consumers and workers safe include mask-wearing by staff members, virus barriers, social distancing markers, and encouraging hand hygiene/hand sanitizer stations.  Area businesses have had to bear the burden of these extra expenses on top of the loss of revenue they have experienced since the onset of the pandemic. In an extra effort to make sure that customers remain safe, some area businesses have taken things even further to ensure the safety of their customers.

For example, Oscar’s Sports and Grill, located at 6877 State Rd. in the State Street Crossing Shopping Center, has decided to hire an additional sanitizing crew to make sure that things like door handles get sanitized after every touch. Oscar has also implemented a placard system to ensure that all tables are thoroughly sanitized. As tables are vacated, a placard indicating that the table needs to be cleaned is placed there so no one will be seated at a table that hasn’t been sanitized. Once the sanitizing crew has properly cleaned the table and chairs, a green placard is placed there to indicate that the table is ready for diners to be seated. Oscar has also implemented modified COVID hours by being closed on Sundays and Mondays for deep cleaning and sanitizing.

Additionally, Oscar’s Sports and Grill is providing customers QR contactless menus so that the menu can be accessed from customers’ phones to ensure safety. If you forget your mask, Oscar’s is providing them for $1 and the proceeds will go directly to Saline Area Social Services. Please be aware that wearing masks indoors has become an executive order. When it comes to restaurants you must wear a mask unless you are seated. This means that when you are entering and leaving the restaurant you must wear a mask. You must also wear the mask when going to and returning from the restroom. This is a small price to pay to keep everyone safe. If you prefer outdoor dining Oscar’s Sports and Grill also has a large patio with socially distanced tables and sails overhead to lessen the impact of the sun.

Let’s Keep Businesses Open - Mask Up Michigan Thoughts from the Detroit Regional Chamber

Here are some things for people to think about as we struggle to keep Coronavirus under control:

Mask up to keep business open. Support your local retail, restaurants, coffee shops & bakeries, car dealerships, barbershops & salons, and all other area businesses.

Let’s advocate for businesses across the region.  Wearing a mask is the most important thing we can do for businesses to keep their doors open. 

To stop the spread of COVID-19 in Michigan, it is critical that everyone does their part and masks up in public spaces.

Until COVID-19 is under control, businesses and their customers will struggle; governments will have little choice to impose restrictions and customers will continue to hesitate to venture into the economy, and ultimately the economy and employment will suffer.

As public health experts have recommended, the most effective step society can take to stem the tide of the virus is to wear a face mask anytime and every time we are in public – especially when indoors.

Masks or face coverings are recommended by medical and public health experts as a simple barrier to help prevent respiratory droplets from traveling into the air or onto other people. 

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